$75.  and up 

  Women and Men 

*price will depend on your stylist. Please inquire when booking your appointment.


Traditional Barber Haircut $40.- $45.

Head Shave             $35.

Beard                      $15.

Beard with Cut          $5.

  + Shampoo            $10.

Straight Shave           $45.- $60

Barber Facial            $20. (20 min.)

Shave & Haircut        $70

Line up                    $10.



$65- $200.


We offer many different services that fall under this category, from Bridal and Wedding parties, to Prom, to a weekend ready Blow-out. 

Prices, of course, will vary depending on the service you need. Please inquire 


$85. -$225. 

Color services range from regrowth touch-up, highlights, and balayage to vibrant fashion colors, unicorn hair and shine treatments, you name it!

 The price will vary depending on the services recived and your Stylist.


Color correction**

 pricing is based upon individual clients needs and begins

at $125 per hour.

**Please specify when booking your appointment.

Walk-ins Welcome, Appointments Suggested

Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 9pm

Saturday: 8am - 7pm

by appointment

Please book online, or call your Stylist | Barber directly.

If you are in need of a new Stylist | Barber, or are a new client and want us to help you find the right fit, click the button below to call us on our main line. 

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