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DEDE Shampoo 250ml

DEDE Shampoo 250ml


Shampoo characterised by a soft foam, formulated to gently cleanse the hair making it light and shiny. 
Ideal for medium fine, fine hair and for daily cleansing.

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    For daily use.

    With Orbassano Red Celery extract, Slow Food Presidium.

    Rich in mineral salts, it has a remineralising effect on the hair.

    The story of the red celery from Orbassano began in the 17th century when Anne Marie d’Orléans, Duchess of Savoy, brought purple celery from Tours with her from France which was more flavourful and tender than the celery then grown in Piedmont. Over the years the French purple celery adapted well to the vegetable gardens surrounding the city of Turin and developed the characteristic red colour of the stalks.

  • How to Use


    Apply to wet hair, massage gently, rinse and repeat. Follow with DEDE/conditioner or DEDE/hair mist.


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